2018/2019 Fleckvieh world magazine now available

For all you keen readers in our midst. Open the link below to retrieve the latest info from Fleckvieh headquarters in Bavaria, Germany;

The newest Fleckvieh world magazine presents to breeders and Fleckvieh cattle friends worldwide. We are pleased that we can offer you a colorful mix of pure breeding, crossbreeding in dual purpose milk and beef production. Use our offers for sires and experience for your operation.

Take the chance to use Fleckvieh genetics for the benefit of your farming business!

With a facelifting and a new CI, Bayern-Genetik proudly presents the brandnew magazine “Fleckvieh-World”, which offers you the opportunity for more information about Fleckvieh “Dual Purpose”, Fleckvieh in crossbreeding and of course the Beef-side of our breed.

Take the chance to use our genetics for the benefit of your farming business

2018 | 2019 FLECKVIEH WORLD The magazine for Fleckvieh breeding


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