Calf hood health and ventilation

As you all know, calves and their health is integral to the success of your future milking cow. The calf that is a poor doer and requires antimicrobial therapy for respiratory disease for example will end up with lower production as a mature milk cow. Respiratory disease can cause scarring in the lungs, which sets the calf back a lot. Bacterial organisms found in these lung tissues can enter since viral disease can take hold at a this young age. These can cause arthritis, reproductive disease, mastitis and chronic pneumonia.

Breeding excellent strong calves wit Fleckvieh genetics is a good step in the right direction, but regardless – good quality air and feed is required to bring these into the parlor of your dairy farm. A company in Wisconsin called Crystal Creek Naturals promotes a ventilation system that makes a lot of sense. It duplicates the natural environment with plenty of fresh air for the calf. In principles, the calf is like being outdoors but not exposed to high velocity air currents which can be harmful and cause illness. More information regarding dual purpose Fleckvieh breeding can be seen on other blog articles.

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