Fesitve season`s greetings from Bayern genetik

Dear customers, colleagues & friends of Bayern-Genetik GmbH

Greetings from Dr. Thomas Grupp CEO shared here for you – the reader;


Ladies and gentlemen,

It is my pleasure, honour and obligation to send you all my personal greetings and wishes for the upcoming Christmas and New Year 2019.

I hope that at the end of another hectic, fast-paced, sometimes stressful but hopefully successful year 2018 you will all be able to join in our motto “Finis coronat opus”.

Here are a few thoughts that have been of great interest to me professionally over the past year:

Bayern-Genetik GmbH’s business is predominantly generated by products from “cattle and pig breeding” – and these highly complicated processes, which take up a lot of time, bring into play a dynamism and speed that, in my opinion, is increasingly creating problems. As much as we are interested in the improvement of our breeding animals, whereby our breeding focus is clearly on quality and not quantity, some developments cause us great concern.

The pedigree/breeding value is becoming more and more important – the phenotype of the breeding animal seems to become uninteresting, even negligible. And there has been a limitless confidence in breeding values which, to be honest, are only 65 – 70 % accurate. Oocyte, embryo and semen donors are getting younger and younger in order to shorten the generation interval and multiply the animals with the best genomic breeding values as quickly as possible. This run for higher breeding values has meanwhile taken on almost grotesque traits. The result of our work – the breeding or farm animal – loses value or importance, although it is important for our customers whether the efforts after 4 years have paid off through performance in milk & meat!

As a “seeing person” who also bears the name of a controversial apostle – “Thomas, the non-believer” – it is particularly difficult for me to deal with this development accordingly. “Blessed are those who do not see and yet believe” – in genetics this New Testament saying has become reality. And as soon as an animal shows a high total breeding value, it has to be a good animal – then one generously overlooks weaknesses, defects or even hereditary defects. Generations of breeders, breeding hygienists, veterinarians would turn in their graves if they could observe our daily activities.

As a consumer, I want products from healthy farm animals that deliver the highest quality milk and meat. We see our task in procuring such animals for our customers through the use of our sires. The performance must always be in line with the constitutional ability of a farm animal. It is our task to ensure that this balance is maintained and that no “extreme developments” occur.

This year I was granted the privilege of being a show judge at the Royal Canberra Show/Australia and at the World Simmental Fleckvieh Congress in Fort Worth/U.S.A. The impressions are long lasting – I have judged great Fleckvieh animals “Down Under”, presented by a young, ambitious and highly motivated association, the Fleckvieh Society of Australia. At the World Congress in Dallas we saw and judged fullblood Fleckviehs and Fleckvieh/Simmental influenced, which are mainly subject to the commercial idea. I was not enthusiastic about it.

“Responsible care for humans and animals” is the top priority, especially for animal breeders – we feel committed to this at Bayern-Genetik and we think daily about how we can live up to this claim.

The well-being and woe of Bayern Genetik and its employees depends on the future of “our farmers”. While the general economic climate promises a great time for agriculture in the 21st century, the mood among the family farms as well as among the farms with foreign labor the cattle and pig sector has dropped to below zero due to the excessive bureaucracy and control frenzy…!

We can’t believe how our society deals with highly trained farmers and we look at our industry with concern. It must be in all our interests to take an active stand now for a future with local agriculture and livestock farming. Unfortunately, it is no longer enough to shake one’s head at ignoramuses and activists; development is too far advanced for that.

I would like to wish you all, personally and in the name of my family, a merry, contemplative, joyful, sociable and carefree Christmas in the company of your families and friends. In the coming year may the necessary bit of happiness and robust health be at your side, the satisfaction with your work prevail, your laugh lines be more strained than the worry lines and you can follow the Latin saying:

“Tempora mutantur et nos mutamur in illis”

It greets you gratefully and cordially – God bless you all!


Dr. Thomas Grupp

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