Outstanding sire BFG “Enrico” – blast from the past – now: BFG “Waldoer” in his footsteps

A Wisconsin farm family – “Cabin Hill Dairy Fleckvieh” – also on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Cabin-Hill-Dairy-Fleckvieh-408637789197086/ was able to show one of their big success stories with a daughter of BFG “Enrico”.
This sire consistently produced highly desirable and durable animals in many a herd. The Boesl family – owners of Cabin Hill Dairy Fleckvieh – started using Fleckvieh and now swear by this breed back in about 2006. They have been endlessly dedicated and are showing Fleckvieh dual purpose animals to create an increased level of awareness in the dairy industry.
The cow shown in the picture is named “Izzie” at age 9 years old. She has had 8 lactations and is in calf with her 9th calf. Her lifetime production is 128,810 and counting…

Currently we are experiencing similar results with BFG “Waldhoer” – farm after farm this sire produces incredibly consistent daughters in the literal thousands! Impressive results and it reinforces the strong belief by the author and CEO¬† Dr. John Popp of Bigbeargenetics, that the sire selection done by Bayern Genetik and the use of proven sires helps everyone. Most of all the farmer.

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