Top Cows and Consistency in the Genomic Age – BFG STROMBERG and BFG STEINBACH as examples to show what is done at Bayern Genetik in Europe

Deep cow families, best exterior cows, dual-use types and above-average genomic breeding values – these are the prerequisites for a test bull in Bavarian genetics. No matter if this bull is in Germany or in another country. And yes, you heard correctly – we (Bayern Genetik) call this young bull a “test bull” and not a “genomic young sire” or “candidate”; this is another separate category from the “proven bull” category. Proven Fleckvieh sires have always been the preference for imported genetics into Canada and the USA by big bear genetics. There is a better way of marrying the type with the genomic value and it requires that the sire is not only good on paper but also in exterior. For example if an obvious physical heritable defect is detected  on the exterior, the use of this sire in spite of high genomic value is to be avoided. For years this selection approach has been used  successfully in the beef industry and should still be respected in the dairy industry. The team of big bear genetics and better dairy cow observe this principle.

You can see two examples below. Another testimony

The two test bulls and full brothers, BFG STROMBERG & BFG STEINBACH – come from an embryo flush in Austria and the territory of our partner, the cattle breeding association Vöcklabruck. The BFG WALDBRAND daughter Eva appears as grandmother. Eva is a remarkable cow. Only 6 inseminations resulted in 6 pregnancies at a ICP of 332 days. Lactations are therefore very short, averaging 291 days. In 4 lactations the cow produced an average of 8,555 kg milk – 4.12 % butterfat – 3.74 % protein. These numbers are impressive and reflect the natural breeding cycle more commonly observed in the beef industry and also as per mother nature by the way. If we respect this cycle and give the cow adequate down time and recovery, the end result is

See below: BFG WALDBRAND daughter Eva – Owner: Oblinger/Mehrnbach/Austria – impressive cow  






Stromberg and Steinbach bulls:


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